Hi Peter,

Hope you are well today.

Just thought I would send you through a quick positive update. This morning was the first time in months I have had no 'morning ache' so good sign already :-)


Dear Peter,

Just letting you know that I don't need to come on Thursday (we had scheduled an appointment for 5.30 on 25th October), as the shoulder is feeling much better. I'm doing the exercises, still being careful with it, but hoping to start some light weights in the gym soon. If the problem recurs, I'll be in touch again, but hopefully you've fixed it. Many thanks!

Best wishes,

Dear Peter

Thanks so much for the advice/assessment etc today. I felt really clear and reassured about the situation afterwards. I will continue to exercise and do all that you have suggested including monitoring fingers.

Thanks again. Great stuff - not bad boxing moves either sir!

Best wishes,

Hi Pete

Thanks once again for seeing me on Monday - it really was such a huge help. I've been doing the exercises!

Would you prefer I make a GP appointment or would you be happy to send a quick e-mail to me? A brief overview of our discussion and your advice that I escalate this to an MRI would be perfect.

Once again, thank you!

Dear Nikki,

I have several years of first hand knowledge of Dr. Peter Resteghini. As you are aware I have been involved in intense rehabilitation for a skiing-related knee injury for the past 2 years. In this time I have had 5 surgeries in an effort to regain stability and reduce pain while also working to maintain overall fitness.

As a life long proponent of physical fitness I value the Physical Therapeutic expertise and insight that Peter has to share. His extreme professionalism and deep knowledge of sports injuries has helped to keep me on track while navigating a rough recovery path.

As a resource, Peter simply can't be beat.

Many thanks


Best wishes for Christmas and the New Year!

By the way, my arm is getting better (albeit very slowly). Thank you again for your help.

Dear Mr Resteghini

I just wanted to say thank you so much for your treatment last Monday on by back and neck. I have seen countless osteos/chiros/physios etc that all tend to crack my back without even looking at it. I am so grateful for you looking at my posture, showing me excercises as well as doing the acupuncture. I have never received such informed advice.

I won't be needing to come in on Monday as my back feels terrific (its also my sons nativity play!)

Anyway, you are the physio guru of the UK!

Hope you and your family have a wonderful christmas.

Kind regards

I'd like to thank you so much for getting me into shape a couple of weeks ago, to make my trans-Atlantic plane ride so unexpectedly comfortable.

In fact, you did so well, I'm able to cancel my appointment with you for tomorrow night (April 11th)...

I really appreciate you fitting in so many appointments for me in at such short notice.

When, as I expect, problems re-occur in the future, I'll definitely know where to go!


Hi Peter

I wanted to drop you a brief note of thanks.

Yesterday, with the pain I was in I wondered what on earth had happened. Through your good will I was able to be examined and reassured as to what was happening in my back and although there is no instant cure I understand the context and level of seriousness. This was of great help to me. Your colleague was thorough and clearly knowledgeable on the subject.

Again, please accept a sincere thank you to you and your colleague for seeing me and assessing my injury.

Best wishes.

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